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Connect and equip

Innovators Meetup was birthed out of a desire to connect and equip. Local events connect innovators of all stages while the podcast features the brightest that Saskatoon has to offer.

Simple conversation

There’s no hidden agenda with Innovators Meetup. Each event and podcast is a simple conversation. We all have questions to ask and we all have answers to give.

What we’re doing

We strongly believe innovators aren’t as interested in “what people do” for a job as much as what they were doing as people. That’s the focus of Innovators Meetup

People weren’t as interested in what people do for a job as much as what they were doing as people.

Several years ago while working at a large church in the lower mainland in British Columbia, I met many business minded men and women. They lived in the same city, often had mutual friends, likely reading the same books and listening to the same podcasts. These people likely had the answers to questions that others all around them were trying to figure out. These people had the answers to questions I was asking. At the same time, they had their own hurdles but didn’t know how to connect to others that could help them. I knew we could figure out how to help one another.

So I invited ten people to a coffee shop one night to discuss how we could learn and grow from one another. In order to get a few more people in the conversation, I told everyone to bring a guest. In case the night was a disaster, I bought everyone a book and new Moleskine so that they wouldn’t leave empty handed. It wasn’t a disaster. It turns out that smart people having a conversation with other smart people was exactly the value I was seeking to provide. Although most of the participants would be quick to say they aren’t the most innovative or the smartest in the room, they did have answers to other people’s questions.

After an hour, I wanted to give an opportunity for a coffee refill or a bathroom break. During that time, an accountant had more questions for the hair stylist. The guy in sales wanted to hear more about marketing through Instagram from the body builder. People weren’t as interested in “what people do” for a job as much as what they were doing as people. At that point, I knew value was being created.

Within a few days after the event, those at the meet up were asking  when the next meet up was happening. Others started to hear about the event, wanting to participate themselves. So the monthly Innovators Meetup was born.

Since that time, I moved back to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where running meet ups have led to hundreds of people participating in a meet up with many people coming back as often as possible. The next season for Innovators Meetup will include mico-meetups that will be recorded for videocasts and podcasts.

Would love to have you join us.

Rob Clark